A discussion on dps

Dps meter is a tool helping massively to learn and improve it is showing if the player is casting skills timely and if the combination of skill used gives expected efficiency in term of damages it becomes even more helpful if doing seriously wvw, raids and fractals. The iza discussion papers make new research findings from the iza network available to the scientific community and the interested public before they are published in refereed journals (see our submission guidelines and subscribe to new paper alerts. Public safety has no featured content yet to feature content, go to the discussion, document, or blog post you want to feature and click feature this in the list of actions on the right. Hello i would like to open a discussion about this class which is the better way to play it as tank or as dps pros and cons.

Allies can eat your dps though (not sure if bug or intended target cap) and you're immensely reliant on trash mob deaths, even staff/staff with double energy sigils and adventurer runes can't fully keep up just spamming the ambush. For few of 10 men endgame raid, zerk can out dps assassin by a little however if it requires a lot of moving assassin definitely is the best but those 2 classes are the same tier so pick one if you love to play melee or range. We are under maintenance we are working hard to bring back the forum as soon as possible. Hi guys, as you see in the title, please rank dps from best to worst i'm a main heal and i want to have a character i can dps with without having to tryhard to have decent dps.

Chaos knight dps is pretty huge with his superb illusions, but your item build for him is more limited if going for maximum dps, since his horsebuddies only gain from stats, which makes rapier a weaker item. You will get the dps meter, when: you are doing solo dungeons (like mushin tower) you do 4 men dungeons (only in bossfight) on the dps meter, there is a arrow, which you can link in the chatbox. At the moment enhancements single target dps seems to scale far worse then other classes, with a massive void in dps between us and other classes, cleave is pretty strong as always and in high aoe fights i tend to find myself at the top of dps charts but on single target fights i find my dps. Many of my matches consist of my team having 3/4/5 dps heroes these players hardly ever switch heroes, even to another dps, regardless of the outcome i don’t get the mentality of it personally, the enemy have a phara. So i've heard some people talking about using arcdps to get dps stats and benchmarks as they play.

1d live developer q&a thursday, october 11 – submit your questions join us live on twitchtv/warcraft thursday, october 11, at 11:00am pst, as we sit down with game director ion hazzikostas for our next live developer q&a, where he’ll be answering your world of warcraft questions including those on the next content update—tides of vengeance. Imes discussion paper series (dps) is circulated in order to stimulate discussion and comments views expressed in discussion paper series are those of authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the bank of japan or the institute for monetary and economic studies. Guild wars 2 best solo dps class may 11, 2018 be defeated before mechanics have a chance to fully play out), but higher level fractals can use both high-burst or high-sustain dps builds. Stop thinking about being the best dps and play the dps you want if you're skilled you'll be better than an average player whatever the damage dealer you've chosen to give an example, my archer is consistently doing more damage than many other dps players. Traffic offenses a driver license may be suspended when an individual is convicted of four or more moving traffic violations within a 12-month period, or.

A trooper with the arizona department of public safety went above and beyond when he rescued a dog from traffic on a phoenix-area freeway early watch this discussion stop watching this. Ash is a good mix between assault and stealth his smoke screen and teleport make him evasive, while his blade storm and shuriken tear through his foes. 'dps tier' is a bit sensitive topic to discuss so i have my personal dps tier list which include every class in the game from top high medium low tier and while inquisitor is currently ranked somewhere in the 'high' tier, i believe he will be promoted to 'top' tier after support revamp patch within two months time. Re: dps discussion chicken power - general- i'm by no means the best moonkin on my server, let alone one of the best in the world, but i still find myself pulling 83-87k if all the stars align and my fellow guild members actually do their jobs properly, which results in a competitive time on the boss kill which directly results in higher dps.

A discussion on dps

a discussion on dps Hello i saw a guy randomly linking old dps meter (all 6 man damage) and i kinda got interested and went to settings and searched it upside-down to find it but nothing.

Ok, so instead of commenting on your use of dps, i've got some suggestions for you there are two modes of thought for a combat cleric (as they're called) the first is to dump wisdom to the minimum 13 and rely on a +6 wisdom item to gain access to your highest spells. Discussion on dps my example is a templar i'm wanting to make i would much rather play a magicka dps templar but i am kinda tired of altmer and really want to make a bosmer what is the rough estimate of the damage hit i would take would i struggle with resources i really wish they would do away with racial passives, at least the. Lily naturally outbeats haru in terms of crit along with high burst dps as much as i like haru, she is a jack-of-all-trades but a master at none, but she is still really cool.

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  • Does anyone know what the highest sustained dps champion would be or what champion has the highest short burst of dmg i've been playing around in the practice mode with target dummies and keep cooldown timers at their normal rate and seeing how much sustained dps i can do with champions.

Dk legion discussion for best dps death knight upon doing research i discovered that it seems unholy does more dps on single target and aoe as a proud frost dk this concerns me and my ability to deal as much damage as i can. Retribution paladin pve talent build - 801 below is the talent build we recommend based on a mix of simulationcraft, spreadsheets, in-game testing and through collaboration with other players.

a discussion on dps Hello i saw a guy randomly linking old dps meter (all 6 man damage) and i kinda got interested and went to settings and searched it upside-down to find it but nothing. a discussion on dps Hello i saw a guy randomly linking old dps meter (all 6 man damage) and i kinda got interested and went to settings and searched it upside-down to find it but nothing. a discussion on dps Hello i saw a guy randomly linking old dps meter (all 6 man damage) and i kinda got interested and went to settings and searched it upside-down to find it but nothing.
A discussion on dps
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